Cemil Özdemir

He was born on 06.02.1979 in İzmir. He graduated from Ege University School of Physical Education and Sports in 2006. He worked as a swim coach in Galatasaray Sports Club and as a trainer in various clubs. He worked as a deputy manager in İzmirspor Club in 2002. Following his 6 years of experience as a fitness trainer, he got to know pilates and founded Ekinoks Pilates & Welness Studio. He is still working as a pilates and rehabilitation trainer.

Trainings He Got:

  • 1. Kademe Pilates Coaching (Turkish Gymnastics Federation)
  • 1. Kademe Wellness Coaching (His Federation)
  • Fitness Coaching (AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
  • Fitness and Rehabilitation Coaching (ACSM – The American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Reformer 1-2- 3 (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Matwork 1-2- 3(Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Trapez – Table (Cadillac) (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Chair – Barrell (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Core Align – ( Balanced Body Universty – USA)
  • Pilates Rehabilitation Workshop – Spine Stabilization (Taha Erpulat)
  • Pilates Anatomy (Taha Erpulat)
  • Scoliosis and Pilates (Taha Erpulat)
  • Pilates On Tour 2014
  • Fascial Structure and Fascia Oriented Exercise in Contemporary Pilates Environment (Elizabeth Larkem)
  • New Form of the Shoulder (Nora St. John)
  • How Do Your Organs Effect Actions in Your Pilates Matwork and Reformer Exercises? (Elizabeth Larkam)
  • Understanding and Correcting Global Action Models – False Facts (Nora St. John)
  • Pilates for Lumbar Pain – Matwork and Reformer (Gerda Ergül)
  • What Does Scoliosis Patomechanics Tell Us? How Does Pilates Respond? (Dr. Işık Akgöl)
  • Postural Prototype and Posture Improving Exercises (Nancy Myers)
  • Developing Reformer (Nora St. John)
  • Reformer 1-2 (Michael King Pilates Enstitute)
  • Matwork 1-2 (Michael King Pilates Enstitute)
  • Physiotherapy Methods in Pilates (Juan Castellano)
  • Post Rehabilitation Techniques (Juan Castellano)
  • 3D Pilates Anatomy (Anthony Lett)
  • Innovation in Pilates ‘Teacher Training Program’ (Anthony Lett)
  • Fitness and Pilates Functional Circuit Training (Tracey Mallett)
  • Mind, Body and Pilates Conference İzmir (Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead)
  • Fitness Fusion Conference İstanbul (Douglas Brooks, Gabor Fuzy ve Michael King)