Ekinoks Pilates & Wellness Studio

To begin with;

We really love our job. Perhaps this is the most important reason lying under Ekinoks Pilates Studio’s long lasting success which was established in 2008. Because we very well know that only when you love your job you work hard to improve yourself and to be more successful in that field. Everyone who joins our team loves their job and puts effort to improve themselves.

We continuously carry out researches to be better in our job, refresh ourselves through great a variety of trainings and equipment to provide best quality exercise programs and equipment in line with the principles of pilates, for our guests.

Adopting well-disciplined and systematical working principles, we believe that one should work without making concessions to discipline and our scheduled programs, whatever problems we face in our sports branch and health sector might be. We pay show ultimate attention for our team to be loyal to this process.

We don’t find pretexts but solutions. We are well aware that we are doing a tough job. We are faced with distinctive health problems of numerous guests. We find high quality solutions to these problems to support our guests live their lives free of problems. Besides, with our solution oriented approach we adopt for all kinds of problems, we aim our guests to gain maximum profit from the service they get.

To conclude, we will not quit being the leader in sports and health in the future as it was in the past.

Cemil Özdemir


He was born on 06.02.1979 in İzmir. He graduated from Ege University School of Physical Education and Sports in 2006. He worked as a swim coach in Galatasaray Sports Club and as a trainer in various clubs. He worked as a deputy manager in İzmirspor Club in 2002. Following his 6 years of experience as a fitness trainer, he got to know pilates and founded Ekinoks Pilates & Welness Studio. He is still working as a pilates and rehabilitation trainer.

Trainings He Got:

  • 1. Kademe Pilates Eğitmenliği (Türkiye Cimnastik Federasyonu)
  • 1. Kademe wellness antenörlüğü (His Federasyonu)
  • Fitness antrenörlüğü (AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
  • Fitness ve Rehabilitasyon antrenörlüğü (ACSM – The American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Reformer 1-2-3 (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Matwork 1-2-3(Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Trapez – Table (Cadillac) (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Chair – Barrell (Balanced Body University – USA)
  • Core Align – ( Balanced Body Universty – USA)
  • Pilates Rehabilitasyon Workshop – Omurga Stabilizasyon (Taha Erpulat)
  • Pilates Anatomi (Taha Erpulat)
  • Skolyoz ve Pilates ( Taha Erpulat)
  • Pilates On Tour 2014
  • Fasyal Yapı ve Çağdaş Pilates Ortamında Fasya’ya Yönelik Antreman (Elizabeth Larkem)
  • Omuzun Yeni Formu (Nora St. John)
  • Pilates Mat ve Reformer Egzersizlerinizde Organlarınız Hareketi Nasıl Etkiler? (Elizabeth Larkam)
  • Global Hareket Modellerini Anlamak ve Düzeltmek – Doğru Bildiğimiz Yanlışlar (Nora St. John)
  • Bel Ağrıları İçin Pilates – Mat ve Reformer’da (Gerda Ergül)
  • Skolyoz Patomekaniği bize ne söylüyor? Pilates buna nasıl cevap veriyor? (Dr. Işık Akgöl)
  • Postürel Prototip ve Postürü Geliştirici Egzersizler (Nancy Myers)
  • Reformer’ı Geliştirmek (Nora St. John)
  • Reformer 1-2 (Michael King Pilates Enstitute)
  • Matwork 1-2 (Michael King Pilates Enstitute)
  • Pilateste fizik tedavi yöntemleri (Juan Castellano)
  • Post Rehabilitasyon Teknikleri (Juan Castellano)
  • 3D Pilates Anatomy (Anthony Lett)
  • Innovation in Pilates ‘ Teacher Training Program’ (Anthony Lett)
  • Fitness and Pilates Functional Circuit Training (Tracey Mallett)
  • Mind,Body and Pilates Conference İzmir (Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead)
  • Fitness Fusion Conference İstanbul (Douglas Brooks, Gabor Fuzy ve Michael King)